About us

How it works

  1. Every month we pluck a photo out of your photo stream and send you a nice print of it, free.
  2. When you get the notification, open the app and tell us "okay". That's it. Then the randomness begins.
  3. You can always pluck your own, you can pluck as many as you want (these prints aren’t free, our rates competitive with other online printers.)
    • Pluck 1-3 for $1.29 each
    • Pluck 4-6 for $0.99 each
    • Pluck 7+ for $0.79 each
  4. We're all about privacy and don't share your photo libraries with anyone. For more, read our privacy policy.
  5. We won't select screenshots or anything that you've hidden from your moments.
  6. How can you game it so you always get a good photo? Just delete the boring ones. What are they doing sitting on your phone anyway? Clean that mess up!
  7. Why are we doing this? We miss the analog world, we like long playing records and hard cover books. We think that photos are something that shouldn’t just be trapped on your phone. This is a way to bring your memories to life. It’s a way to bring some surprise to your doorstep. It’s interesting and we’re curious what will happen.
  8. How do we pay for it? Since we are not the well-to-do bon vivants we would like to be, we work with partners who sponsor the plucks. These are companies who share our values and whose products we’re happy to support. We include some information about them in each mailing and hope you will support them.